“It’s just insane; the city blows,” Mr. Peres said. “All the people from SF MoMA and stuff came and they were like, ‘It’s really great.’ And I was like, is that how it works here? ’Cause when I was a collector, if I saw something I liked, I bought it. So if it was ‘great,’ I expected you to buy it—not like ‘Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!’ I’m like, ‘Don’t kiss me, get the fuck out of my fuckin’ face if you’re not going to buy the damn things.’”

-javier peres on sf

“Just taking up my fucking time and not buying a fucking thing. And I’m super-fucking claustrophobic. I hate having people around me—if I’m not fucking you, I don’t want you around me.”

-same on art basel miami

"The piece, which was a super-realist re-creation of fellow artist Dash Snow’s apartment wall, wound up costing Mr. Peres $18,000. A year later, the work, “Secrets and Cymbals, Smoke and Scissors,” was purchased by Charles Saatchi for $500,000."

“My friends and I recently decided we’re going to drink as much as we can and spend as much money as we can, and hopefully it will catch on,”

-same on cliques and happiness