my diet was 2 half gallons of gatorade,
3 gallons water + electrolyte packets in some of them
4 cliff bars
2 powerbars
1 snickers marathon bar
4 pieces of toast with butter
a subway footlong, chips and drink,
garden salad with large spaghetti and garlic bread
2 redbulls
4 advil

After a breezy rehearsed ride into Harmony, I kept riding into connecticut but only briefly then had lunch near woodstock massachusettes i think at this point i had rode 60 miles.  after realizing i was very exhausted I called my uncle about a better route, proceeded through springfield heading towards rte 23.  After springfeidl however I knew there werent any towns for a while so i really had topush.  when i got to 23 it was essentially the berkshires mtn range.  I got to the first town in the hills after walking my bike it was 6 pm and there was no food or lodgings.  second town, otis had two gas stations and an 'inn' which was not an inn but where i got dinner at 8:30 pm.  I popped some advil and rebull and rode in the dark with one light low on batteries the 16 miles so tired my knees werekilling me into great barrington where i negotiated a room for 50 bucks then i was too awake from caffeine but my body hurt.

122 Miles in about 12 hours track bike ~60 pound load nike sneakers white t shirt this is how you travel.