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Never wake up...

Saw this, framed that painting and then I saw it in a hotel I was having dinner at!! Tonite I'm enjoying high class martini and hangin out w my doggy

Hood and a puppy

Logan airport last night during the snowstorm. Somehow I still got out. U can't see it but there's a wendys grilled chicken club on my plate. I highly recommend it

1st monthly fixxie or deth sauvie bike meetup

Some highlights from wed crit, wooden pillow and exchange student from eindhoven

Many ways to travel...

This big fucker was eating a squirrel and was barking at me as I went by. Scraggly dude was hiding his food from the camera

christmas wish list

Ice weasels!! Beer all day for free! Also there was racing. Also look at the mercx that got retarded

Mock up (again)

Receptions not Recessions.

Woke up to this

Day spent stretching this bad boy. Opening at painting gallery second floor on we'd night!


Nbx gp. Rode in te rain onle to see Ian after the race with a cut up wrist and defeated moral. More luck tomorrow hopefully

Riding far