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Ian collected road salt on his seat stay and I collected my breath on my beard

Learned how to make hollondaise sauce for some eggs Benedict when class got out early.

Wool in water this girls project was cool

For tomorrows installation...

Natalies birthday at TWO different bars.

Had a crit this morning on these badboy collages. It's so much nice to crit everyweek rather than twice a year like in furn. You develop ideas faster and think more...

Painting and doing it right this time

I saw so much good art this morning. So nice to still have the rest of my day...

Evan, tell him what happened...

I brought this home and realized I had never shared the final way it came out

Last night saw what cheer at nick a nees and then went to 35 Bowen (party of da year-"don't go dude the whole school is in there") then this morning woke up for my first painting crit ever

My brother Kyle built up this bike he won last summer for our sister, how nice. Also he made a tryptich of icons that is so baller! Go to art school where you belong!

Their snores were offset to make one constant rumble

Ceramic version of a paper cup

Way too long beach trip, within two hours of getting back I had to pack everything up

Real Stingray.