I was talking to someone, I can't remember who it was now, about Tom Sachs when I just blanked on the name he calls his studio where he works. The reason I found it funny was because it was precisely the name that I used to get in contact with the studio as Mary Boone Gallery was definitely not going to help me contact at all. Anyways it's called Allied Cultural Prosthetics.

"That's the name of the studio, the space before I got it was a machine shop called "Allied Machine Exchange", so I was the artist who came in and gentrified the space and took it from the industrial. I still use it as a shop, and some of the machines I still have, like a bridge crane that runs the length of the studio, it still rolls and is pretty major. But the A.C.P. takes its name from the original. When you loose an eye you get a glass eye, and when you loose a leg you get this wooden peg-leg, so when you loose culture - you get a prosthetic- a substitute. Things like Monster trucks and MTV, are the things that work now like art used to."

-Tom Sachs