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The worst experience last night on the subway. This morning however the ace hotel- very pleasant-everyone asks how you are!

NYC tonight till sat. Looks like I got a bike too

Frame for sale-200$ Also the textiles show and DOPEBOYMAGIC is tonite!

Progressing towards the finished product

Last night??

Glue less joints...

Pre spring weekend. Just finished w will! Gonna get festive now!

I forgot about this yesterday

Got that pink!! Also check out the decor my roommate has been puttin up!

God I love to party

Visit windmill. Now I make frames if you know anyone who can pay. My legs are pretty fucked up.

The yellow carrot. I crashed again. Led a teamate for the sprint still took sixth

Race fuel

Ed taught me some sourdough tricks, checked in on my sick tags and made the first dish in my new le

I'll spare the photos of the actual scrapes but I got led into a pothole on yesterdays ride.

Flooded storage space ruined a project from soph year, threw it out. Spent the night last night skatebaordong and doing shit I haven't done in forever. Today rode bikes. Now it's time to do hw- not without proper meals