NYC trip round up

Long few days in new York. After botching a simple subway ride into Brooklyn I get to sleep at three am. Friday morning I wander the city after printing my resume at parsons in times square. I end up at the new ace hotel w a stumptown and surf the web bleary eyed. Around two I head to an old favorite spot Kelly and ping for lunch(I really should try and find new joints...) then I go to see Tom Sachs studio and meet the guy who I'm working for this summer. Basically, this is going to be the coolest experience of my art/design education I will probably ever have and though I'm gonna be worked tithe bone I can't wait. When I came in they were finishing up lunch and talking about the advantages of dunks versus mj1s... Then I met with morefriends for some spaghetti dinner and unwound with video games and beer. This morning I got up and after a poorly executed breakfast made my way back to manhattan for the best espresso in the us: ninth street. This was after a stressfull but view altering interview with Andrew of NYC velo. He basically laid out why he thinks shop sponsorship is unhealthy for the sport of cycling and that he was conflicted about the potential of having me rep his shop. I think though that this summer will prove itself to be beneficial to me and the shop I just have to focus on bringing good vibes to the table. After these intense self promotional activities I got to experience yet another first: the shake shack. Whether the food tastes so good because you wait so long or it really just is that delicious, nothing better concludes a trip to ny than some burgers in the park. I can't wait for summer.