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Sister visit doggy puppypack

...a lot has happened recently in new York. But my sister is in town and I need to start figuring out how to stay on the bike.

Emergency room. Everything is fine now. New job makes me a very busy boy.

Saw Molly and Jackson, Harlem crit I won an xbox and a playsration then Liam an I rode down museum road to stumptown and finished the day watching kids play @ broken fire hydrant

Visited Nike then watched Kyle win the prime and the race. Also Tom sachs emailed me which seems so nuts

Visited a sewing contractor this mornings my dad, it hailed on the way home

We "rode" all day then hot tub, music videos and watched Kyle walk!

Got to play with aerogel or whatever you call it an also met one of the neistat brothers on Friday. This stuff is the lightest solid on earth.

The guy who caused like nine people to go to the hospital was two spots to the right of me, I got luuucky

Still touring the sites...

Saw this last night it's all wood veneer. She made a lot more too I just need to look up the name...

Video diary: this stretch of gravel rollers was 6.1 mi and the sand lasted for like half a mile. Needless to say I had a route change

Best idea/worst idea? ~120 miles in 7 hrs eighty degrees! I drank like eleven bottles of water.