Tour of Qinghai Lake, first part of racing, oops, i mean, hotels and tailgating parties

crowds, smog, empty condos, a million dollars of caravan infastructure 
Xining is a medium-large city, it's skyline is defined by the amount of cranes. 
 wazza and U-U prep race food, van driver takes photos.
phil (ds) and christian (mechanic) move a bike.
im still learning how to use aperture priority... 
nick has very interesting style 
 raising awareness worldwide
mike post stage 1
kyle and mattheiu apply compression and clean up for the bus transfer back to the base 
 "put that louve thingy in the parking lot of the mall, ok?"
the area where we raced is predominantly muslim 
laundry every day means air drying everyday. 
 stage 2 was hot n dusty, with a lot of crashes.
kyle was starting to get annoyed that i always was pointing my camera at him 
 you gotta zoom on this one, so much good stuff happening.
whatsapp, snapchat, imessage, ashtray. 
 post stage 4 we stayed at the qinghai lake hotel, on the lake, which is around 10,000ft and pretty much the beginning of the himalayas. just outside the hotel on one side is a gigantic lake, and on the other side is mountains, and sheep.
 salty dogs
stage 5 or 6, i cant remember, we arrived after a long-ish transfer to a hotel with no elevator. all of our team got super motivated and just started lugging bags up to the rooms, heaving and hawing. five minutes later, we see all these local teen in red shirts with the race's logo on them, lugging other teams stuff up the stairs, practically running and asking everyone they see how to help. live and learn... 
 weird bathroom window