Tour of QingHai Lake, last few days of racing

 our soigneur, Megumi, would treat my over-worked quadricep (which was causing knee pain) with acupuncture, kt tape, and massage. it led to some fun tan lines
 rooming with Olheiser is fun, he drinks win and watches a lot of tv. and then in the morning, he drinks a lot of coffee.
 escaping the heat, sometimes riders got rooms that faced the sun until quite late at night.
 Wazza, our other soignny, in a rare quiet moment!
Kriel, aka, the sniper. 
 look at that weird thing
 longest transfer of the race was immediately after the longest stage in the race. we got 7th in the sprint, it was a long day, but a nice little reward there at the end.
 every inch.
 no one wanted to eat these hot dogs. i ate them sometimes, if i got the chicken ones, but mostly i put them in funny places, but kyle didn't usually laugh.
sometimes you transfer to the start. 
 Christian gets the bikes ready
 phil putting our car-order sticker on the windsheild
 cops and phones.
the pre-race meetings got more and more casual as everybody got more and more tired, but also because the GC was essentially wrapped up before the last two stages. we pretty much just always played for the sprint. 
winston was very sick for the second half of the race. Megumi tried acupuncture on his head 
broken bike... 
it turned out for most of the race, and possibly the season, i have been racing a cracked frame. when i got on a new one, even tho it was a size too large, i immediately noticed a difference. it was stiffer when i pedaled, but more importantly, i didn't get a shimmy when i descended.